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If you are looking for the Energy Star label, Tax Incetives, Energy Mortgage Qualifications, or just looking to build a High Performance Building, Call me before you break ground.

I will go over your plans and enter the specifics into Rem/Rate, the RESNET authorized HERS rating software. This will give us a Projected Rating of the building that will tell us what energy related goals are being met. I can then model different changes, such as window size, shading, orientation, insulation levels, HVAC consideration… just to name a few. This will tell us how the building rates, before you even break ground and can still make changes. I will then visit the site during construction to verify that work is being done as it should. When the finish work is done, I will do  final testing to confirm the energy rating to get you the incentives you are looking for.



Here is a link to Energy Star that will give you some Builders Guidlines and Resources.





Here is a guild to show to meet Energy Stars Thermalbypass checklist Requirments.



David Burlingame


Burlingame Home Inspections and Energy Audits

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