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Hers Ratings


upgraded.00.jpgA Hers rating for a house is like Miles per Gallon
for a car

In order for a home to receive a HERS index, an Air Leakage
is performed to calculate the
building’s actual leakage. A certified HERS
Rater would then model the house usin
g REMRate home energy modeling software.
The software not only considers a home’s geometry and leakage, but also
includes orientation, window size an
d position, geographic location, insulation
levels, applian
ces, lighting etc. in evaluating it’s HERS index. This index
qualifies a homeowner for an energy efficient mortgage.



                        resnet.gif                             A
Hers rater must partner with a Resnet authorized Service  Provider in
order to be a part of Resnets stringent
 Quality Assurance standards and to authorize
the licensing of the  Rating software.My service provider is the
Illinois Association of Energy Raters. We use
Architectural Energies Rem/Rate


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