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Home Energy Audits

Find out where energy is being lost with an Energy Audit!                                                                                                                                              We provide Energy Audits for homeowners who want to make their home more comfortable.  Wloghome.01.jpge use sophisticated equipment, like an infrared camera and a blower door,to help pipoint air leaks and areas with inadequate insulation. By making the home tighter, you can reduce mold and moisture issues as well as saving on heating and cooling costs.                                                                                                                   

All Energy Audits will include:

    • A blower door air infiltration test with room and zone pressure
      testing. This test will measure the amount of air leakage into your home.

  • An infrared scan of the walls, floors and ceiling. This will pinpoint air leaks and thermalenergy loss, as well as areas with inadequate insulation and moisture issues. 

  • A duct blaster test to evaluate the duct system (which is often one of the biggest energy loss issues).

    • An evaluation of you heating and cooling system.

    • A safety check of the
      combustion and ventilation requirements for your home’s air quality.

  •  A survey of your home’s major appliances.
  •  An illustrated and easy to read reportproduced and delivered by Homeguage services.


“I am happy to be able to bring to Champaign County Home
Energy Audits that are done to BPI ( Building Performance Institute), and Energy
Star standard.”

                                                        David Burlingame   


Burlingame Home Inspections and Energy Audits

106 N. Third St.
Champaign, Ilinois 61820
Telephone: 217-649-1173